Submarine adventure
Mystical sea
Creatures of Psyche
Moon magic…

Using allegory and a few simple words, I.M. Heer and R.B. Schron in The Fish and the Magic Light  open up  a pathway to understanding one’s own reality, drawn with pictures and verse. It is ably, even brilliantly, illustrated by artist Suzanne Gold.  If read to a child, where the flame is still bright, the flame will be sustained. For the young adult, the flame will be rekindled.  As for the adult, perhaps the flame may be relit so that the REAL QUESTIONS—WHO AM I?  WHY AM I HERE?—will hopefully find a place in their daily lives.  I.M. Heer continues the quest in The Pathless Path, sculptures, scripture and more mystical verse that are balm to souls young and old.  Both books are timeless works of art–and blessed are the children who find them in real journeys of spiritual growth…

The pathless path is hard to find.
It climbs above the heart and mind.
It goes so high that ONE can SEE
That I AM I and “he” is “he”.

  • I. M. Heer, The Pathless Path Copyright © 2009